2 Char Grilled chicken breast 8 Prosciutto, slices
1 Mango 60g Walnuts
1 Avocado 1 Butter Lettuce or Mixed Lettuce (4 hand fulls)
40g Emmantaler Cheese    

Dressing (alternatively purchase & use your favourite dressing)
¼ cup Lemon juice ¼ cup Olive oil
2-3 tsp French Mustard   Reserved liquid from the warmed chicken bag


- Wash and drain lettuce well, then store covered in the fridge until needed
- Cook prosciutto in the oven, turn regularly to avoid burning
- Drain prosciutto on absorbent paper and allow to cool & become crisp
- Roast walnuts in the oven, move around regularly to avoid burning
- Shave slithers of cheese with a vegetable peeler
- Chop mango & avocado into chunks
- Reheat chicken placing the whole bag in simmering water for 5 minutes
- Alternatively on high for 2 minutes
- Carefully open the bag and pour juices into a container with lemon juice, olive oil & mustard
- Put the lid on and shake well
- Carefully break lettuce into pieces in a large bowl
- Add prosciutto, mango, walnuts and toss with enough dressing to coat
- Arrange neatly, either on one large platter or individual plates
- Place slices of warm grilled chicken over the top and sprinkle with cheese
- Drizzle extra dressing and grind black pepper over the salad
- Serve immediately

Wash, drain and refrigerate the lettuce a couple of hours before using and the lettuce will be crisp and dry.

Dress salads as close to serving as possible, this will prevent the greens from turning limp.

If you like this recipe then maybe you would like to order some chicken so that you can give it a try yourself.

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